Get Silver Brazing Alloys in Demanded Quality

Shree Manufacturing brings you a comprehensive range of non-ferrous metal compositions and shapes across Pan India. Our brazing alloys are highly appreciated because of their precise design, high mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Our silver brazing alloys can innovatively serve your business requirements, fabricated in the specification of fine finish, durability, and sturdy design.

Being the renowned non-ferrous alloy manufacturer in India, we offer you a complete solution for your choice in brazing alloys. We are glad to present our silver brazing alloy that proves its reliability through years of production experience.

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Application of Silver Brazing Alloys in Different Industries

The manufacturing industry needs silver brazing alloys to join ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in various industries. Our Silver brazing alloys are available in wires, foils, granules, rings, paste, power, etc. our alloys are highly demanded in various industries, including automobiles, electrical, armament industries. Shree Manufacturing has an extensive range of high-quality silver brazing alloy across Pan India that can be chosen as per the application.

1. Silver Brazing Alloy with Low-level Silver Content

This alloy is best for many industrial applications. This alloy is used widely to weld copper and brass with ferrous metal, which has industrial applications of AC and valves. Being one of the best silver brazing alloy suppliers in India, we ensure that these industrial grade products are manufactured by introducing alloy contents with precise compositions. It’s available in the following varieties,

check 21% Low Silver Content

check 26% Low Silver Content

check 30% Low Silver Content

check 34% Low Silver Content

check 37% Low Silver Content

check 38% Low Silver Content

At Shree Manufacturing, we have been making performance-oriented brazing alloys, which have been used in automotive industries, electronics, hand tools and valves with high efficiency.

2. Silver Brazing Alloy with Mid-level Silver Content

The mid-level silver content brazing alloys are used to weld brass and copper with ferrous metals. They ensure reliable welding performance and maintain a narrow-melting temperature. They are used in the production of compressors, motors, AC units, and valves. It’s available in the following varieties,

check 40% Mid Silver Content

check 45% Mid Silver Content

With Shree Manufacturing, you are guaranteed high quality alloy at lower prices for your silver brazing needs.

3. Silver Brazing Alloy with High-level Silver Content

These brazing alloys are used to weld ferrous metal with non-ferrous metals. These products feature low-melting temperature, enhanced fluidity, and high wettability properties.These alloys offer applications in the food industry. It’s available in the following varieties,

check 50% High Silver Content

check 55% High Silver Content

check 56% High Silver Content

Being a manufacturer and trader of silver brazing alloys in India, we at Shree Manufacturing know well the value and importance of quality.

Our Quality Silver Brazing Alloys Are Perfect For Different Industrial


Choose from our range of silver brazing alloys to get drawings finished to your design specifications, ready for fabrication into the best parts for your project. The alloy compositions are technologically designed to be durable with precise metallurgical composition specified at industry leading prices.

Our alloy compositions have exceptional mechanical strength, electrical conductivity & corrosion resistance. Tested on functional parameters by experienced manufacturers, the diversity & durability of our products increases your production along with enhancing product value!

Get Silver Brazing Alloys of Your Choice at Competitive Price

With industry-rich expertise and years of experience, we manufacture and supply our clients with a vast assortment of silver brazing alloys at the most affordable prices. These alloys are demanded hugely by clients across the nations for their perfect finish and sharp edges. Being the most renowned silver brazing alloy manufacturers and suppliers in India, we always keep our customer's satisfaction goals on the topmost priority.

Shree Manufacturing can offer you everything you require in silver brazing alloys under one roof. Call us today to know more about our products.