Indium is a silvery-white, highly ductile with a bright luster. It is so soft (Mohs hardness 1.2), it can be cut with a knife. indium is able to wet glass. Indium has a low melting point, 156.60 °C (313.88 °F). The density of indium, 7.31 g/cm3.

Available in 0.5 kg or 1kg bar. It is used in various applications such as alloys manufacturing, semiconductor, and other industrial applications.

Indium 5N

Indium is a soft, silvery-white, malleable, and ductile metal. 99.999% high purity indium 5N is mainly used for the production of III-V compound semiconductors, high purity alloys, transistor base, and as a dopant for germanium and silicon single crystals.

JAYTEE Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial indium, high purity indium 5N and indium fabrications, alloys, and compounds. Indium metal is mined from JAYTEE containing indium and refined to various qualities on a large scale using the latest SPC-controlled refining technology. Strict quality standards and advanced analytical instruments such as ICP and GDMS ensure consistent product quality from batch to batch.

JAYTEE has experience in the development and specialization in the manufacturing and cleaning of metals, oxides, and compounds up to a purity of 4N, 5N, 6N, and 7N, which are manufactured in the form of pieces, rods, granules, powders, sheets, wires, and bars become. All material is qualified through the analysis of ICP-MS, GDMS, and other advanced tools at the national and international levels.

Our goal is always to be a consistent, reliable, and affordable source for global material requirements at all times.