Available in 0.5mt, 1.0mt, 2mt ,5mt, 10 mt, with dia 0.5mm,O.7mm.1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm and more. It is widely used to create high vacuum seals in the cryogenic apparatus for making seals where radial space is very limited. Its other uses are low melting point solder, vacuum seals, cryostats, dilution refrigerators, optical windows, Lasers, cryocoolers, cold heads thermal links

We are now working with universities, government labs, and corporations, large and small, in the United State and around the world, providing high purity indium wire services as well as aluminum, sheets, washers, in/sn and in/ag soldiers.

indium wire

High Purity Indium Wire alloys

indium metal

Indium-containing alloys can also be used for sealing, but are most commonly used for low-temperature brazing. For example, Indalloy # 1E, which is lead-free and melts at 118 ° C and can be used in unique applications such as bonding to glass or ceramic.

Adding silver, tin, or other elements to the indium metal changes its physical properties. In some cases, these changes allow indium wire as small as 0.025 mm (0.001 inches) in diameter to be manufactured. All of these additional elements also affect the hardness, melting point, and ductility of the alloy.

Cable diameter

We manufacture wires containing indium and indium alloys with diameters from 0.25 mm (0.010 inches) to 6.35 mm (0.250 inches) and larger. Wire dimensions can vary depending on the properties of each metal alloy. This allows us to make some cables less than 0.25mm (0.010 inch) in diameter.

Features of Indium Wire

  • High Purity Indium Wire provides an excellent airtight seal as it fills in imperfections on contact surfaces. Pure indium remains malleable even at cryogenic temperatures, so sealing applications operating under harsh conditions are not affected.
  • We manufacture on-demand and most orders ship within 48 hours. JAYTEE are the best indium wire manufacturer in India and give me the opportunity to work with you and become your supplier of Indium products.
  • We welcome International Consultations and we can Airship to the World from our facilities in the United States. We look forward to managing your business and working to resolve your issues. Send your inquiry by fill the form or direct call us at any time.
  • Many manufacturers sell indium wire by diameter and length at a dollar price that may OR may not be consistent across their entire product line. At IWE, we have a fixed price per ounce and allow diameter and length to be the variables. With our prices, the customer knows the true cost of the dollar value per ounce. Our price is standard and fixed.
  • To provide high-quality products and services globally that advance science, research and achievement.