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  • Founded in 2009 Jaytee Alloys and Components Pvt Ltd

    Become the Leading producer of various
    Stainless Steel and Aluminium Pressure cooker parts

  • We offer more variants of

    Non ferrous Alloy composition
    than any other manufacturer across the globe

  • The Highest Quality

    Non-ferrous alloys generally have iron compositions
    of less than one percent as measured by weight.

About us

We use all kinds of rare earth non ferrous metals like INDIUM, GALLIUM, TIN, BISMUIH, LEAD, ZINC, ALUMINIUM, COPPER etc., for manufacturing of various high performance alloys . We also specialize in manufacturing fusible alloys and low temperature alloys. We are one of the largest manufactures of Indium foils in India. We are also supplying safety relief devices to most of the CNG kit manufactures in India.

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Dedicated Team

Collaborative, focused, skilled individuals united, achieving shared goals effectively together.

Updated Standards

Incorporate latest practices, enhance quality, align with industry advancements, ensure compliance.

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Ensure standards, verify processes, maintain excellence, meet specifications, assure reliability.

" A House of Non-ferrous and Low-temperature alloys Available in all kinds of shapes and sizes "

Our Products

Bismuth-based alloys, featuring low toxicity and low melting points, find applications in electronics, soldering, and as a component in medical devices.
Low-temperature alloys exhibit enhanced properties at colder conditions, providing durability and resilience in applications such as cryogenics, aerospace, and medical devices.
Tin-based alloys, like pewter or solder blends, are versatile materials widely used in electronics, metallurgy, and traditional crafts due to their low melting points and durability.
Lens blocking alloys, like bismuth-based compositions, facilitate lens edging by providing a malleable and easily removable material for ophthalmic lens production.
Indium foils, with high malleability and excellent thermal conductivity, are used in electronics for soldering, thermal management, and flexible displays.
Solder wires and sticks, composed of lead-free alloys like tin-copper, facilitate electronic component joining through reliable and efficient soldering processes.
Lead bricks, dense and effective in attenuating radiation, are used for shielding in nuclear facilities, medical environments, and industrial applications to ensure safety.
White metal, often a Babbitt alloy, is a soft and low-friction material used for bearings, bushings, and thrust washers in machinery and engines.
High-purity tin, bismuth, indium, and gallium metals are essential in electronics, soldering, and specialized applications, offering reliability and precision.

What We Can Offer

Jaytee Alloys and Components Pvt Ltd offers different metal compositions and shapes. Please browse through our offerings and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Bismuth-Based Alloys?

    Bismuth-based alloys are metal mixtures with bismuth as a primary component.

  • What are Copper-Based Alloys?

    Copper-based alloys contain copper as a base metal with additional elements.

  • What are Lead-Based Alloys?

    Lead-based alloys are metallic mixtures where lead is a significant constituent.

  • What is Pewter Metalizing Wire?

    Pewter metalizing wire is a type of wire made from pewter, a tin-based alloy.

  • Do you provide alloys other than those mentioned?

    Yes, we offer a variety of alloys tailored to specific applications.

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