Pewter Metals have been around for over 1900 years and JAYTEE has been producing for about 150 years.

Metals as they are derived from the genre are not useful for most types of applications. The discovery of alloys is considered to be undergoing a change that has affected many industrial systems in a large way. Today, alloys of steel and aluminum and those of other metals such as tin, cobalt, nickel, gold and silver form the basis of many of the world's most important industries.

The advantage of alloys is that they reflect the properties of all pewter metals. For example, these alloys exhibit better thermal properties, stronger strength, and a wider range of melting points. Here are some sections about the most popular alloys, as well as their industrial uses and uses.

Copper Alloys

Used for applications with low collision requirements, copper is one of the most popular metal alloys made by mixing copper and zinc. Some example of these application is known as Valves, locks, bearings and gears. In addition, copper is known for its renewable nature. Another common copper alloy that contains tin is like other forged metal. In addition to being a popular sculpture, copper is also widely used to make weather windows and bears for passing cars.

Aluminum Alloys

Needless to say, aluminum alloys are the most popular materials that are the most important in many industrial applications. Containing aluminum, nickel and cobalt, alnico is one of these alloys and is used in electric motors, boilers, sensors and microphones. Duralumin is made of aluminum, copper, manganese and magnesium and is a popular combination for the construction of aircraft, truck wheels, body panel sheets, forgings, pistons and many other applications.

Pewter Metal alloys

Iron does not require the introduction to be a popular option for many metal alloys such as steel and stainless steel. The steel is highly regarded for its high rust strength, durability and welding ability. The mixture is useful for the construction of railways, roads, bridges and buildings. Stainless steel is a popular variety of metal and is used to make surgical instruments, industrial machinery, bridges and aircraft parts and body parts.

Carbon alloys with carbon as an important component are widely accepted. The manufactured pewter metal, for example, has applications such as the production of gates and furniture such as racks, tables, desks and chairs. Iron ore is used in blasting oil and various types of iron ore are used in machine tools, gear crankshafts and cooking utensils such as panels.

Pewter is a rare metal, traditionally 75 -85% Tin, and the rest including Copper, Antimony, Bismuth and sometimes, rarely today, has led. Silver is also sometimes used. Copper and Antimony work as hard while Lead is common in the lower grades of Pewter, which is blue in color. It has a melting point, around 338 - 446 F (170 - 230 C), depending on the direct mixture.

Pewter Metals was first used at the beginning of the Bronze Age in the Near East. The first Pewter fragment found comes from an Egyptian tomb dating to 1450 BC. Lead pewters are no longer used for items (cups, plates, or jewelry) that will come into contact with the human body due to health concerns arising from Lead content. Modern Pewter metals exist without a Leader, although many Pewters containing Lead are still produced for other purposes.

Pewter Alloys for Cast Jewellery and Patina Art

Need a stainless steel pewter? You've come to the right place. JAYTEE is proud to offer pewter metals ingots and free alloys suitable for making jewelry, gifts, collections, new items, accessories, prizes and decorations. Pewter metal is a mixture with a Low Melting Point Alloys and can be easily formed, making it ideal for distribution.

Our pewter alloys are cast on bar-shaped ingots weighing about one pound. Whether you are an artist, a hobbyist or an employer who wants to make cast jewelry and patina art - Pewter Metals JAYTEE is an excellent source of pewter alloys manufacturer, suppliers, and distributors.

JAYTEE is the best pewter metals manufacturer and suppliers in India - If you are confusing which pewter to order? We recommend that you get 1 ingot each to test it. There is a very subtle difference between each compound, and unless you throw a lot of pewter, you may not be able to make a big difference without trying. If we do not have the formula you need, please contact us for the ratios and total weight of your search.

High purity 99.9%+ GRADE: 90/7/3, 97/3 etc
Any containment, dust, rust cutting oil and grease free
Size: Bar, Sticks, Ingots
Other size can be made on customer request.
Specification and technical data sheet available on customer request.

pewter metals alloys

Pewter Sheet/Foil Metal

JAYTEE Ltd stocks pewter sheet metal in sizes up to 25mm to 500mm and thickness 50 micron to 500 micron.

pewter alloys

High purity 99.9%+, GRADE: 90/7/3, 97/3 etc
Any containment, dust, rust cutting oil and grease free
Size : Thickness 50 micron to 500 micron, Width : 25 mm to 500mm
Roll Weight : 1 LB, 2.5LB, 5 LB OR Roll Weight : 1 Kg, 2.5Kg
Other size can be made on customer request.
Pewter sheet metals Specification and technical data sheet available on customer request

Paper Based Pewter Sheet/Foil For Decorative and Patina Art

High purity 99.9%+
Any containment , dust, rust cutting oil and grease free
Size : Thickness 50 micron to 500 micron, Width : 25 mm to 500mm
Other size can be made on customer request.

pewter sheet and foil metals